Foreign nationals who wish to enter or stay in Mongolia must obtain visas of appropriate classification corresponding to the purpose of their visit. Nationals of those countries which have visa exemption agreements with Mongolia are exempted from visa requirements to the extent allowed by such agreements on reciprocal basis. For more information, please see “LIST OF VISA FREE COUNTRIES”. List of visa free countries

Required documentation

For the issue of a visa for entry and exit to Mongolia, the following documents are required:

1. Completed application form / Download Visa Application Form /
2. Passport, which at least 6 months beyond the stay is valid and must contain at least two blank pages
3. 1 photo
4. Visa fees only by bank transfer (confirmation of payment is necessary)- Before paying the visa fee, please make sure that you have all the required and supporting documents.
5. Invitation letter from the Mongolian authorities and companies

Please note that the opening hours of the consular section are: Monday-Friday from 9:00 to 12:00 am, 14:00-17:00 pm.

E-mail: Consular section -

Telephone: Consular section +43-1-535 28 07 (13)

Visa types


Entry and exit

Private visits and tourist travel visa has a validity, in the invitation and confirmation of the Mongolian legal person or company is established.
Applications can not be submitted by mail.
The processing time is usually 7 days. In the tourist season, it may take up to 10 days.
The passports with a visa by the Embassy must be picked up.

Mongolian tourist visa is normally valid for 3 months.

Please note that the validity of a visa starts from the date of issue and not the date of travel and even if the visa is valid for 3 months, it doesnt mean you can stay in Mongolia 3 months.


For the issuance of transit visas are the same documents as for the entry and exit are required.
Moreover, it is determined that the visa of destination country (China or Russia), which, following the visit Mongolia is already issued.
A transit visa entitles only a transit for up to 5 days.

Entry-Exit visa for more than 30 days and longer time

Generally, a visa for more than 30 days (multi or double entry-exit) will be issued but only with a permission from Mongolian authorities (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia, the Foreign Citizens and Naturalization Office of Mongolia).

Visa fees

Visa type Entries Visa fee
Entry-exit Single 60,-- EURO
Entry-exit Double 90,-- EURO
Multiple Visa or three month F100,-- EURO
Multiple Visa For six month 10,-- EURO
Multiple Visa For one year 130,-- EURO
Transitvisa Entry 55,-- EURO
Transitvisa Double 60,-- EURO
Multiple Visa Multiple 70,-- EURO

Монгол Улсын харьяатаас гарч гадаад улсын харьяат болсон гадаадын иргэн визиийн хураамж 5 Евро (Монгол Улсын харьяатаас гарсан Ерөнхийлөгчийн Зарлиг)

Монгол Улсын иргэний гадаад улсын харьяатаар төрсөн 16 хүртэлх насны хүүхэд визийн хураамж 5 Евро (Тухайн Монгол улсын иргэн эцэг/эхийн Монгол Улсын иргэний бичиг бримтын хуулбар, хүүхдийн төрсний гэрчилгээний хуулбар тус тус шаардлагатай)


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